18th September 2017

North Korea Responds to Sanctions with Missile

This week has seen a rather aggressive end, with another North Korean missile flying directly over Japan in the early hour of Friday morning. The test flight is undoubtedly a defiant response to the additional sanctions imposed on the dysfunctional state this week by the UN in response to their earlier nuclear test.


The problem with this policy is that taking more away from a country that has nothing does little to change the minds of the North Korean leadership, as they are clearly trying to point out with their latest provocation. There are also reports breaking as we write this of an explosion on the London Underground system, we will be unlikely to know the scale of the incident before this is published.

Less alarming domestic developments come in the form of the Bank of England’s latest decision not to raise interest rates yet again. This time the move came with a warning to prepare for a rise imminently, but we’re rather inclined to focus more on the Bank’s actions than its rhetoric and as far as a hike coming this year, we’ll believe it when we see it.

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