21st August 2017

Another Vehicle Attack Leaves Barcelona Devastated

News of another terrorist atrocity broke Friday morning, which as in too many weeks before, makes much of the rest of the week’s activity irrelevant.

Although this has been a particularly awful week, Thursday’s attack in Spain, of which the full details are still unknown as we’re writing this, isn’t the only outrage to hit the headlines. At the start of the week another person was killed in similar fashion when a car rammed anti-fascist protesters at a Nazi rally in Virginia. The disturbing trend of using vehicles as weapons is likely to grow as its proving so devastatingly effective.

The fallout from the tragedy earlier in the week in Charlottesville is growing. Donald Trump’s bizarre insistence on defending the white nationalists and Klansmen as “very fine people” shows he is incapable of even the simplest presidential tasks, saying Nazis are bad. While this is hardly a surprise, the number people willing to look the other way if it means they can get what they want is shrinking fast. Republicans in congress and business CEOs have seemingly turned on the president.

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