2nd July 2018

Conte makes a splash at EU summit

This week European leaders gathered in Brussels for the EU summit. While we might have expected Brexit to be the main topic of discussion, most of the drama has centered on how to handle the large numbers of migrants coming across the Mediterranean. This was in no small part the making of the new populist Italian Prime Minister, who basically threatened to derail the event unless the issue was addressed.

Migration is also causing trouble for the German Chancellor, who is facing a small rebellion over the issue back home. The summit has provided an important reminder that the leaders of EU countries have their own problems to deal with and their own domestic politics to consider and may be thinking less about Brexit than we imagine.

Elsewhere news emerged of a planned summit between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in July. This followed on from the release of satellite images of North Korea which suggest that after talking a good game in Singapore, the rogue nation is continuing to develop its nuclear capability. While this doesn’t necessarily mean the agreement was a bust, it will no doubt come up in Trump’s appraisal next month.

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