2nd October 2017

Corbyn gaining momentum as Kim and Trump escalate tensions

This week we had the Labour party conference, which should have generated a few light-hearted stories to lead with, but Jeremy Corbyn’s speech in Brighton was a mixed a bag.

While a proposal to introduce rent controls was widely criticised, other measures such as a land tax have long been pushed by policy experts to boost house building. Another call to tax big business and spend more on public services will likely go down well with the country at large as well. With Theresa May never missing an opportunity to underperform, Prime Minister Corbyn might actually be a possibility.

Elsewhere the USA and North Korea seem determined to have a war. In something of an odd turn, the Americans sent sophisticated stealth bombers to Korea, only for their presence to be revealed by the President on twitter. It seems unlikely that Korean radar had picked them up, but obviously they haven’t taken the news well. While this might end up being the end of us all, there is something quite unsatisfactory about Armageddon being brought about by sheer incompentence.


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