9th June 2017

Some Excellent News from our Director, Scott Swift

On Friday 2nd June 2017, I found out that I passed my most recent exam. I have taken lots of exams, so that’s not really that unusual for those that know me. But this exam result was particularly special.

It means that I am now a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society and a Chartered Financial Planner. One of only 300 under the age of 35 in the UK.

I’m usually quite a humble guy, but for those of you that are interested, I wanted to share my story of achieving this accolade, in the hope that I might inspire someone else to give something a go, however impossible it may seem.

Some Excellent News from our Director, Scott Swift

When I was 18, I fell into my first job as Pension Administrator at Norwich Union. I realised quite quickly, that you only get out what you put into to it, so I decided to start my studies to become an Independent Financial Advisor. By the time of 21, I was qualified, but realised I couldn’t progress any further at the firm, so after a year or so I went to my next job. This job move was tactical to get ‘sales experience’ in a Mortgage Advisor role, and it only lasted 6 months, but I passed another exam along the way.

I started at my current place of work in 2004 as a Mortgage Advisor, took a variety of exams relevant to my role at the time, before moving into Financial Planning in 2007. I studied for further qualifications along the way, dealt with legislation changes and took more exams. In my personal life I was also busy getting married, moving, having our first child, doing a major home renovation project, then having a second child, taking more exams and all at the same time as working full time in a busy and demanding role. I became a Director of Brancaster House Wealth Management and Accounting in April 2012.

I set out around 2011, soon after becoming a father for the first time, to become a Chartered Financial Planner by the time I was 35. On Friday 2nd June, I achieved my goal at the age of 34. I have sat and passed 23 Financial Services exams over the last 16 years, and passed each and every one of them the first time. I don’t feel that I am a particularly intelligent guy, I am not particularly academic and I did not do so well at school, achieving average GCSE’s and A Levels. I even had to re take maths at night school as I was told without a pass in Maths, I would struggle to get a job.

On Friday 2nd June, I also became a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society, which is the highest accolade awarded by the professional body, the Chartered Insurance Institute. I am somewhat still amazed at what I have achieved, for such an average chap, and I could not have done this without the support of my wife and my children. I set out to provide the best life I could for my family, and to ensure that they have a safe, secure, happy and fulfilled life.

I have had many late nights studying until past midnight, waking up at my desk with QWERTY inscribed on my forehead, then being woken at 5am by my children, then going to work and leading a busy and successful business. Last year we opened up a second branch of the business and we have plans to expand even further. When I started on this journey I was younger, with more hair and less wrinkles, and I now look and feel like I have had a tough life, but all I can say, is it’s been so worth it, for that sense of achievement, and achieving something that I never ever thought I could do.

I wanted to share my personal account, because for me, it has just proven that anything is possible when you put your mind to it, turning for me, what I felt was impossible, into the possible. All because I found the drive, motivation, commitment and dedication to make my dream a reality.

So for me, my journey has not ended. There’s plenty going on at Brancaster House and I am now putting the finishes touches to my next ambition. A long overdue, first holiday abroad for my wonderful little family.

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