6th March 2017

FED Pushes Forward in US

This week the market finally decided to listen the Federal reserves rate hike plans.

Although it is unlikely political events will stop pushing the market, the Feds predictions should have more of an effect on rates and the dollar than the political noise. Elsewhere, UK Prime Minister Theresa May hit a speed bump over her Brexit plans. The House of Lords rejected her short bill which in all likelihood will start a back and forth battle over the bill.

Meanwhile, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick was caught arguing with his Uber driver on camera resulting in him receiving one-star rating from his driver. The hot-tempered Kalanick intends to get leadership help, but given the negative press engulfing the tech company, this latest bad behaviour could have happened at a better time. Speaking of tech, Snapchat issued their initial public offering this week. Whether they have the potential to fly like Facebook remains to be seen, the more probable outcome is a flop like twitter.

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