9th January 2017

Market Strength Continues

This week has mostly been dominated by predictions for the year ahead – which given the uncertain state of the world following a tumultuous 2016, seems like a particular folly!

We have, however, had a glimpse of the way the year might pan out, with president elect Trump showing no signs of giving up his twitter account. A constant stream of consciousness from the world’s most powerful man has the potential to be extraordinarily disruptive, as Congress, Ford and Mexico all discovered this week.

Elsewhere the positive end to the year enjoyed by the markets has carried over, with most markets gaining on their previous record high valuations. Even more Brexit controversy, with the UK ambassador to the EU not only resigning but giving the government both barrels on the way out, failing to have much impact. With survey data released this week suggesting that the services sector is extremely positive on the future, we may be entering a golden (albeit limited) period where a weak currency boosts competitiveness while we remain inside the free market.

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Market Commentary

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