9th October 2017

May suffers mishaps on stage

This week we had the spectacle of Theresa May being given a P45 while the set fell apart around her during her Conservative Party conference speech.

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While having a cough is hardly a sign of poor leadership, public calamity has very much become the prime minister’s go-to move in recent months. The latest bit of party infighting is a most unwelcome return to form following a few weeks of certainty post Florence. It is probably time for things to come to a head – if the party wants to change leader it should get on with it, dragging it out while the Brexit clock is ticking will be terrible for everybody.

Elsewhere, the US government looks to be no closer to passing tax reform than it is to repealing Obamacare, as senators and congressmen try and craft a plan that cuts taxes, is revenue neutral and doesn’t hurt whichever special interest has their ear. All this while they are still reeling from the effects of one of the deadliest mass shootings in Las Vegas.

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