20th March 2017

Populism’s Spread Cut Short

Political events continue to drive markets this week as the Dutch election and the UK government steal headlines.

The aptly named Dutch Trump, Geert Wilders, did not win a majority in the Netherlands election as the current Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, took the lead. The UK government backtracked on Philip Hammonds proposed tax increase for the self-employed in a bid to win back the title of the entrepreneur’s party. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn commented “It seems to me like a government in a bit of chaos here” jumping at the chance to retaliate after the Chancellors jibes last week.

Elsewhere in the UK, Nicola Sturgeon continues to push for Scottish independence despite May rejecting the vote until negotiations with the EU are over. The polls suggest the referendum would result in an independent Scotland, but then again the accuracy of past polls leaves much to be desired.

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