15th May 2017

There’s Only One Philip for May

This week the UK general election picked up steam, with leaked manifesto’s, a hit and run, and a detailed discussion of who puts the bins out being obvious highlights.

While the theatre of it is entertaining, the result is already a foregone conclusion even if the margin of Tory victory is still unknown. It would be good therefore to see more detail from the Conservatives and find out exactly what Theresa May’s priorities are going to be after she wins.

Elsewhere, sticking with political theatre, Donald Trump has managed to outdo himself by firing the FBI director currently investigating his campaign. While nothing surprises us with Trump anymore, this seems mad even by his standards. So far he has been backed by the Republican party who obviously feel they have more chance of enacting their agenda with him than without him. But as he goes further off the reservation and with midterm elections not too far away, that calculation could change. This may be one step too far even for Teflon Don.

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