30th January 2017

Trump Keeps Focus

This week, despite our best efforts, we are again obliged to talk about Donald Trump.

Just days after moving in his gaudy gold furniture into the White House Trump has dispelled any ideas that he might become more moderate. The first country to be destabilised by a tweet has been Mexico, who look to be the first casualties in the upcoming trade war, as border taxes and walls seriously shake a country that relies on US trade for most of their economic growth.

It will soon be our turn; Mrs May heads to the US with the honour of being the first foreign leader to meet with the new president, although one gets the impression she stood still while everyone else took a step back. With the prime minister desperate for US trade to make up the shortfall after we leave the EU, it would be more promising if she weren’t dealing with someone who literally wrote the book on screwing over negotiating partners.

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