16th January 2017

Trump! Trump! Trump!

The headlines have been completely dominated by the president elect, with only a late flurry of snow providing any sort of distraction for the British media.

In truly unprecedented fashion the entire world was shaken by a single press conference. Currency markets convulsed, entire sectors crashed and the global geo-political order was strained, all in the space of an hour. The unpredictability of the soon-to-be most powerful person in the world is something that will take a lot of getting used to.

Elsewhere the Brexit negotiations competed vainly for column inches, with Teresa May giving an interview that further spooked foreign investors and pushed the pound even lower. While our negotiating stance might look muddled, it pales in comparison with OPEC and the other oil producing nations; although finally it seems the deal to cut production might actually be holding, as we saw two member nations announced cut backs from major producers this week.

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