20th February 2017

Wally of the East and Questionable Governance

This week, aside from the on going train wreck of the Trump administration, we got a timely reminder that there is more than the one lunatic we ought to be worrying about.

North Korea has obviously been feeling outdone in the crazy stakes during the past few weeks. The nation came roaring back with a double header of a political assassination on foreign soil and a ballistic missile test. While our first thoughts were to look at twitter for the US diplomatic response, it seems someone in the White House at least has their act together, no WWIII this time.

Elsewhere there has been another corporate scandal, this time at Samsung, where the CEO has just been arrested for allegedly trying to bribe the government. This comes hot on the heels of Rolls Royce’s £670m fine for a possible 30 years of dealing in brown envelopes. At a time when business executives are being promoted to government in record numbers, it serves as a reminder that outside the swamp is just more swamp.

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