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We’re Pledging Support to Priscilla Bacon Hospice Charity for 2024

Here at Brancaster House, we’re proud to be part of the Norfolk community and want to support organisations as part of the next step in our business journey. We’ve advocated charity initiatives on a personal level, but now it’s time to announce our charity of the year partnership for 2024, Priscilla Bacon Hospice.

Partnering with Priscilla

The initial Priscilla Bacon Lodge, erected over four decades ago, provided tranquillity, dignity, and essential assistance to numerous families throughout Norfolk. The new purpose-built facility near the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital now houses the charity, with local businesses who form the 500 Club having supported the building to completion. The charity now looks to its supporters to continue to provide essential services, as well as additional development, therapies, and support.

This is where we at Brancaster House Financial Planning come in.

Visiting the Hospice

Our Co-owners Shane Julian and Nicholas Halls had the opportunity to visit the site back in November, meeting Amy Wright and Louise Archer, who coordinate the fundraising activities for businesses and individuals. They gave us a tour of the site and spoke about some of the events that they have planned for the next year that we can get involved with.

Standing in front of sign Brancaster House financial planning outside Priscilla Bacon Lodge
Our Co-owners Shane and Nicholas (centre) with Louise (left) and Amy (right) from Priscilla Bacon Hospice Charity

As part of the 500 Club, we’re committed to raising £500 over the course of 2024 for the hospice charity, allowing it to provide both in-patients and day patients with therapy and support during their treatments.

Shane commented; “It was great to visit the new Priscilla Bacon Hospice site and get a feel that they want to provide a community hub alongside the amazing work they do for patients. End-of-life and palliative care has touched most if not all the members of our team, so we feel strongly that this is a cause our entire business can rally behind. We are looking forward to supporting them in 2024 and raising as much money for them as possible.”

Getting the Team Involved

We also hosted our December meeting at the site, in one of its purpose-built conference rooms. Meaning that the rest of the team got a feel for the new hospice, understood the benefits of the services, and could create a tangible link ahead of 2024. Each of our staff will have the opportunity to support the charity in a personal way, with some larger activities being completed as a collective.

Brancaster House Financial Planning outside the christmas tree at Priscilla Bacon Lodge
The team visited the site in December for our meeting.

Nicholas added; “It was great to get the team together for our December meeting on site. I think visiting the new Lodge with our entire team is more impactful than Shane and myself presenting to the team from our office. We’re looking forward to seeing the difference we can make as a collective.

“We also hope to support the charity with financial advice and assist those visiting or staying at the hospice, as we know that nothing can prepare you for the loss of a loved one, and guidance on what steps you need to take can alleviate pressure and offer strength during a terrible time.”

Supporting Priscilla Bacon Hospice

The first step we have taken to support this amazing charity is the creation of our Just Giving page where we will record our donations, you can view it here. To stay up-to-date with our fundraising journey, follow us on LinkedIn.  


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