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What We Do

Personal Finance

Our personal finance service in Norwich, Norfolk is designed to help you manage your money effectively. We can help you with budgeting, saving, and investing to ensure that you are making the most of your income.


Retirement Planning

For most people a pension scheme is the obvious route to saving for retirement. There are products to suit all circumstances, depending on whether you run your own business, want to top up your company scheme or you are in a job with no scheme available to you.


Financial advice on pensions is crucial both when planning a new pension as well as monitoring and reviewing an existing pension. With many different types available from numerous providers, our Independent Planners can help find a solution matched perfectly to your needs.

Our retirement planning and pension review service is specifically designed to help you take charge of your own retirement plans. 

To keep you on track for retirement we meet with you regularly to review your plans and discuss how your fund is performing as well as your personal circumstances, goals and attitude towards investing.

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Income in Retirement

An Annuity is a guaranteed fixed income which you buy with a lump sum; its term may be to a fixed date, when you die or when your spouse or another named person dies.

When you come to retirement, it might be tempting to choose the first fixed rate, level annuity quote you receive but with life expectancy increasing, your annuity might have to pay out for considerably longer and your needs may change over time therefore it is sensible to shop around.

With so many options available, choosing the right solution for you can be a complex decision. Our Financial Planners are available to discuss these options with you in more detail and help you understand what’s best for your situation.



Building your investment portfolio is much more than choosing products, it takes into account tax saving opportunities, your attitude toward risk and reward as well as balancing the need for growth, income or both.

Whether it’s because you’ve had a windfall or built up a tidy nest egg by saving on a regular basis, your money should be invested wisely so that its spending power is protected for the future. Leaving large amounts of money in banks or building societies often reduces the spending power of your money due to inflation, and may not be the answer long term.

Whether you’re a first time saver or investor, or you just need an impartial view of your existing arrangements, our Financial Planners can assess how your money should be managed.

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Later Life Care

None of us know what our future holds however with the right planning we can be prepared.

We have many years experience in providing financial solutions. This extends to providing solutions to meet the needs for later life.


We are acutely aware of the need for people to receive truly independent advice to help them navigate through the confusing choices, and the decisions that need to be made with regard to themselves or their loves ones who may now or in the future need support, either full time in residential care or within their own home.

We see many people who are confused by the system and feeling uncertain about their future. We provide advice and tailored solutions, including the complexities of the state benefits and where to go and what to do first. We can help you make decisions and advise you on the best course of action to obtain appropriate provision and financial security.


Estate Planning

Planning what will happen to your money and possessions will help ensure your loved ones are financially secure and the people you want receive an inheritance from you.

None of us know what the future holds but with careful planning we can help safeguard your family finances.

Apart from deciding how to leave your estate in your will, there will be other ways you can look after your survivors. The term estate means everything you own such as land, property, money as well as personal possessions, but does not include most pension assets.

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