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Why Your Mortgage Adviser Is Worth Their Weight in Gold

With new products appearing on the mortgage market every month (or seemingly every minute) working with a mortgage adviser can make all the difference when it comes to your mortgage choice.

Everyone is keen to get as low a rate as possible and working with a qualified adviser can help you secure the most suitable mortgage for you, even giving you access to some products you wouldn’t know about if you were applying for them on your own.

What Does a Mortgage Adviser Do?

Your mortgage adviser will take a lot of details from you, and anyone else you are purchasing your house with. They will then assess your needs and find the right product for your circumstances, considering all the factors that affect your application from a whole host of mortgages available on the market.

This will then be presented to you, and if you’re happy to proceed your adviser will facilitate the process, acting as an intermediary between you and your mortgage lender to make sure that the process is as smooth as possible.

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Should I Apply for A Mortgage Alone?

There’s nothing “wrong” with applying for a mortgage alone, but as the world of mortgages is vast and varying, you may stumble into pitfalls that you weren’t aware of and come out with a deal that isn’t the best product for your circumstances.

There’s a massive benefit in having access to a mortgage adviser’s skills and training, especially when it comes to finding the most suitable mortgage for you, which is why we know that mortgage advisers are worth their weight in gold.

New Mortgage Offering

A new unique product has recently joined the market, designed to help first-time buyers purchase their first home faster with as little a deposit as £5k.

We understand that raising a deposit is a key challenge for many first-time buyers, so a product like this may sound appealing. A mortgage adviser would be able to go into detail about a product such as this and share any requirements or stipulations from the lender which may not be outrightly obvious. Letting you know if a product like this is the most suitable for you, or if it would be beneficial to consider others.

Perhaps this product would leave you with larger repayments over time, than if you were able to raise a slightly larger deposit and secure a more competitive interest rate. This is the kind of guidance a mortgage adviser will be able to provide to help you secure the best rate for your needs over the long term.

Mortgage Advice is Only for First-Time Buyers, right?

No! Even if you’ve secured a mortgage in the past, working with a qualified and trusted adviser like our very own Jayne, can make all the difference.

Some lenders prefer to work exclusively with advisers so they will have access to rates you won’t be able to see yourself. Sometimes your mortgage or re-mortgage can be complex, and an adviser can help you straighten out any confusion. Sometimes it is just not how you would like to spend your time!

A mortgage adviser is there to keep you moving, looking at the mortgage products available to find the right solution to your unique circumstances and help you secure it.

Thinking of moving?

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